FREE WEBINAR: Dozens of Dirty Dozens: Reducing Hidden Toxins in Your Everyday Life
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Instructor: Barbara Erny, MD
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In our everyday life we are exposed to a countless variety of environmental toxins. How can we minimize our exposure and the damage they can do to our bodies? In this noon-hour lecture with Dr. Barbara Erny, learn about the toxins most harmful to our health and simple ways we can reduce our exposure. You will learn the fruits and vegetables with the lowest levels of pesticide residue, what fish are safest to eat, and be given tips on finding alternative personal products, household cleaners, and the safest plastics. Dr. Erny will discuss the current regulation on product ingredients and what more should be done.

Instructor: Barbara C. Erny, Stanford MD. Dr. Erny is an ophthalmologist at the Palo Alto Medical Foundation for over 20 years, and gives talks on environmental health for Physicians for Social Responsibility.